I use Klutch1 to help keep my hands from sweating when I play any FPS game. Other's should use Klutch1 because it truly works! I've been using Klutch1 for over 4 years now. It also helps keep your hands dry when you're at the gym lifting weights.


We've been using Klutch1 for a while now! It's probably one of the best investments we make for streaming! It helps keep the hands dry in those sweaty moments. One thing I have noticed since using Klutch1, our controllers/keyboard & mouse have lasted longer too!

Jared FPS

Father Husband and Full Time Entertainer and lover of FPS's

Chloe Donald

I have very bad Palmar Hyperhidrosis. I have struggled for years to find anything that helps me and works. Until I found YOU!


As a software developer and gamer, I use Klutch1 not only to prevent sweat but to reduce oil build up on my mouse and keyboard. It helps prevent build up and reduces the need to clean oily keys over time as often as before. Not only that but it keeps my hands feeling natural and with the right amount of grip to where I feel no slip when using my keys and mouse. In addition, I use Klutch1 when using my controllers, steam deck and Nintendo switch. I also use it to have a better grip when handling basic tools like hammer & nails, power drills, screw drivers etc. It's a very useful product and I recommend it to everyone and anyone who can benefit from it the same way I have.


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